Our Latest Newsletter

Another season has passed and the fall colours have arrived. We had better weather  in Shakespeare in early October than we did in July and August ! We have a load of goodies coming over for the upcoming shopping season. Pictures will be sent out when they arrive. 
A Few Pictures of our latest treasures...

         Well done to last months Curly Wurly winners. The answers are below. 
1) Which British Soap opera Character did Violet Carson Play ? A) Minnie Caldwell B) Nurse Gladys Emmanuel C) Ena Sharples D) Molly Sugden
2) On October 8th 1958 the First Jet Transatlantic service started.  What was the name of the Aircraft A) Boeing 707 B) Vickers VC10 C) Vickers Viscount D)Dehavilland Comet 
3) In Norfolk, a "Jasper" is what ? A) Bus B) Wasp C) A bit of an Idiot D)Rolling Pin
 This Months competition...Good luck.
1)  Where was the worlds first Test Tube baby born A) Oldham B) London C) Cambridge D) Manchester.
2) The Spinning Jenny was invented in Lancashire. Was it ? A) a 70s disco dance B)  a therapeutic massage machine C) a person who spins a story D) a machine that helped revolutionize weaving.
3) On May 1st 1840, a new invention was launched that would change the world. What was it ? A) the railway. B) the penny black stamp C) the first haymaking machine. D) football goal posts
Good luck everyone. Look forward to your answers. The Curly Wurlys are ready !