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 Hi Folks,

Happy New Year.

We trust everyone had a good Christmas. We did and the Mr Kipling Mince pies and the Coles Christmas pudding were big hits. Many of you had The Marks and Spencer Christmas pudding, would love to know how you enjoyed it.


Paddington 2 the movie is out soon and we have M&S Chocolate Paddington bears to surprise your loved ones on the way to see it!





Highland Scottish Shortbread 300g packs Reg $5.99 now $3.75

Yorkshire Red 120 bags Reg $12.95 now $8.50

Penguin Biscuits 8 pack Reg $5.50 now $4.50

Coastal Cheese (rugged mature English cheddar) Reg $7.45 now $6.75


All Calendars half price including limited amounts of Harry Potter, Mrs Browns Boys, Dr Who, Outlander, Coronation street ,  Various football teams: Spurs, Chelsea , Manchester United, Arsenal.


Robbie Burns Day (January 25th) and we will have some Haggis arriving soon.



The Answers to last month’s Win a Curly Wurly quiz (well done to all the winners)

1.    Who once banned Christmas Carols? A) George III B) Sir Robert Peel C) Oliver Cromwell D) Henry VIII

2.    What Country gives Britain a Christmas tree each year? A) Canada B) Norway C) Switzerland D) Denmark

3.    Who Invented Christmas Crackers in 1847? A) Tom Smith B) Oscar Wilde C) Robert Burns D) Charles Dickens


This Month’s Quiz

1)      Why was Yorkshire puddings invented? A) To make use of the fat that dropped into the drip pan and to cook a batter while the meat was roasting. B) So you could make Toad in the Hole C) A rich Yorkshire mans dying wish D) Because you waste “Nowt” in a Yorkshire kitchen.


2)      Where were the first Ferry Boats in the world operated, that were installed with Fog Radar navigation systems A) Dover - Calais Ferry  B) The Isle of dogs ferry C)  The Mersey Ferry D) The Isle of Wight Ferry


3)      In 1994 A famous band celebrated its 40th anniversary (Pat Halcox was still the trumpet player) what was the name of the band?  A) The Bay City Rollers B) The Chris Barber band C) The Tony Donegan Jazz band D) The Shadows.


Good luck everyone email us back your answers...


Other news...


How many of you have heard of Fred Dinah? He was a fascinating man who lived in Bolton, Lancashire . He was a steeplejack and steam enthusiast. There are many clips on YouTube you can enjoy. His life story is one. "The Fred Dibnah Story" He took down many of the old tall industrial chimneys in the Bolton area. He used ladders, all joined together ! climbing 300 feet and its all on film. Quite remarkable to hear him and watch him. He was discovered by the BBC many years ago and was filmed at his work. Well worth watching. Later on he made a BBC show travelling all around Britain on his steam roller visiting many interesting sites. That one is called "Fred Dibnahs made in Britain " and is also on you tube.


Did anyone see the Heathrow Airport Christmas advert? Also on you tube...Just type in “Heathrow airport Christmas advert 2017”.  Its a nostalgic 2 mins from the BOAC days to present, and shows the last all British Jetliner the VC10 as well as some great animation. All set to Petula Clark music.


A Quick funny


Just been to the gym. They've got a new machine in.
Only used it for half an hour as I started to feel sick. It's great though.
It does everything Kit Kats, Mars bars, Curly Wurlys, Crisps, the lot."


Just before with go to this month’s Insights of Ivor. We have added a new section that we will put in the newsletter as needed. Entitled: Where are they now ?”

This has come about after one of our readers has read “Ivor’s insights” It turns out he went to the same school “ Raynes Park Grammar school ” (London SW 20) as Ivor. Apparently there are about five people living in Canada (that we know of so far) that went there as well. They all meet up once a year.

If you have some fond memories of a place, and a time long ago, and wonder who else has those memories?  Just let us know and we will post it in this section next month... Some people you used to work with in Liverpool ? The quaint old well known post master in a small village you remember so well... The Milk Man, The old headmaster feared by all but now you wonder... who else remembers them?

 Or a long lost lifestyle...What it was like walking to School in Dumbarton...The smell of the fresh hay from the farm you lived near in Shropshire ? The AA man,that came to fix your dads car when it broke down just outside Norwich in 1957 ! If you feel like nobody else remembers those days, let us know we will post in next months “Where are they now ?“ section in this newsletter.