Summer 2017 Newsletter

Hi Folks,
Well here we are, in what most would call the best time of the year. 
Many of you are on summer road trips and it is always nice to see you. All are welcome, from near or far. We always have time for a chat ! A day trip to Shakespeare and Stratford is a great little getaway.
The shop is nicely stocked, and we are always looking for new items. This newsletter is monthly only as most people get enough emails. However we are offering more frequent "Newsflash emails"to anyone that might be interested.  Let me explain : We sometimes have spontaneous  sales or a limited amount of new items arrive (such as Battenburg cake) in between newsletters. If you would like to be informed of these events with an "Newsflash email" please email us back and request to be added to the list. If we don't hear from you, we will continue to send you the regular monthly email only. Not wanting to intrude beyond our once a month, newsletter, we leave the extra newsflash email as an option to you.

Last months quiz answers.
1) Which of the following was not a big hit for Gilbert and Sullivan ?
A)The Pirates of Penzance B) The Mikado C) Princess Ida D) The Gondoliers 
2) Flyers Alcock and Brown successfully flew the Atlantic non stop in what year ? A) 1917 B)1893 C) 1925 D) 1919
3) What year was the British half penny withdrawn from service ?A) 1976 B) 1984C) 1992 D) 1968
This Months competition. Email us and win a Curly Wurly.
1) What year was the London eye opened ? A) 1894 B) 1967 C) 2006 D) 1999
2) Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and in the UK it is A) 8th B) 15th C) 3rd D) 57th largest city ?
3) What year did the Rolling Stones record Satisfaction A) 1962 B)1973 C) 1957 D)1965
Last Month we mentioned "The Tin House" next door has new owners. Firstly we would like to wish the outgoing owners Debbie and Glen a happy retirement. I know lots of you had tried the great Fish and Chips (one of many great items) that they offered. Now a warm welcome to Jay and Lori, who are working hard to continue the legacy and offer great roadside food. Jay is always inventing new items, so drop by next time your in. Just like Debbie and Glen they are making the French Fries in house from scratch.